Novel biorefinery supply chains for wastewater valorization and production of high market value bio products using microalgae

Save the date: 7-9 June 2023, incoming BlueBioChain presentation in Water Innovation & Circularity Conference (WICC)

On 7-9 June 2023 the Water Innovation and Circularity Conferece (WICC) will take place in Athens, Greece. Within the Conference knowledge and expertise will be disseminated on innovative systems, technologies and processes which are/can be applied for the management of water and wastewater.

BlueBioChain consortium member Certh will be represented by Ms. Batsioula and Ms. Skoutida who will present the work titled “Investigating the social acceptance of upcycled products derived from wastewater valorization: a key issue for circular economy”.

More information regarding the conference:

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