Novel biorefinery supply chains for wastewater valorization and production of high market value bio products using microalgae

Save the date: 23-27.10-2023. BlueBioChain NextGen workshop on microalgae cultivation and bioactive compounds extraction

We are delighted to invite you to the workshop titled ‘Training in microalgae cultivation and extraction of their bioactive compounds’.

This action is organized in the context BlueBioChain NextGen under the framework of the BlueBioChain. BlueBioChain NextGen is an educational program which aims to develop critical, combined, and innovative ways of thinking in young and future scientists and enrich their skills on wastewater treatment, microalgae cultivation, and blue bio-based products.

The workshop lasts for 2 days with a total duration of 4 hours. It is addressed to PhD students or young scientists who wish to enhance their skills on microalgae cultivation and receive a ‘hands-on’ training. The teaching language is gonna be in English. There are no registration or participation fees.

If interested in participating, please fill out the form, specifying which dates you prefer, in the following link:

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