Novel biorefinery supply chains for wastewater valorization and production of high market value bio products using microalgae

Save the date: 18-21 June 2023, incoming BlueBioChain presentation in 33rd European Symposium on Computer-aided Process Engineering

On 18-21st June 2023 in Athens, Greece the 33rd European Symposium on Computer-aided Process Engineering will take place. The event anticipates emerging and significant challenges in Process Systems Engineering as these relate to the sustainable development of chemical processes, the development and the systematic evaluation of processing technologies and process innovations, and research promoting circular economy paradigms including social aspects and social engagement networks to incentivize and involve citizens.

The presentation ”Multi-objective optimisation of the algae Arthospira platensis under uncertainty: a Pareto ellipsoids approach” will be given by the group Prof. Van Impe on Monday 19th June (in the 13.30-14.30 session)

More information regarding the conference can be found in

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