Novel biorefinery supply chains for wastewater valorization and production of high market value bio products using microalgae

BlueBioChain e-marketplace is online!

Exciting news! 

The BlueBioChain e-marketplace is completed and set to facilitate the interactions between the stakeholders that shape the intricate blue supply chain. In that means, the blue value chain involves multiple actors, starting from the wastewater generating units and suppliers, proceeding to the different processors and extending up to the final product consumers. The objective is to enable the easy and direct communication between the different parts of the value chain, so as to extract the full potential of the valuable resources, create added-value products, minimize waste streams and attain a closed-loop system. 

With this in mind, CERTH developed an e-marketplace that will be used to connect interested stakeholders so as to identify the best matches and establish an agreement between them. In parallel, the exchange of information is enhanced and it is a promising tool to contribute to the alleviation of any hurdles associated with logistics issues. 

You may access the BlueBioChain e-marketplace at:

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